Incaged! #2 > art is magic

a performance by Viviana Druga
guest performer Cristina Druga
& boundage Ann Antidote
Mai 2013, Month of Performance Art, Berlin
Rose Transformations-salon, Neuk├Âlln

The highly technological intermediated high speed reality and the post-religious effects of thousands of years of self-punishment is placing us behind a veil, a thick, promiscuous velvet that separates us from the subconscious deep waters of accessing universal knowledge. Its tricky and misleadingly safe! The security and the safety are what we have to get unused to. But the deep subconscious waters are still dragging us down and making us lose control over material realities and patterns of knowledge.
The performative act by Viviana Druga is going to re-enact the self-captivity, pursuing the transformative effect of indulging into and escaping a self-made cage-prison. A savageness is pursued – the same ancestral conscience of belonging to the same Natural Landscape as all the animals – a respect for nature and its laws for the only purpose of deconstructing the Western superiority over animals.